Today’s Lesson: Irony

Ever taken your car for a short drive to make sure the battery still
works, happily discovering that it does (even though it hasn’t been used
for three weeks) only to leave the lights on?

I have.

You should try it. It’s annoying.


Satan’s Poodle (Poor Mumphred)

[Edit on 22 June, 2007.]
I see that there have been a number of curious searches for “scary poodle” and “lord of the poodle.” I see this page has no link to Satan’s Poodle. Now it does.

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My wife has a nice pair of… kidneys

Initially only expecting to go to the doctor to get a couple of blood
tests and then go on to work, Angie chose not to wear her frumpy 1950’s
The surprise came when the doctor suspected that she might have
appendicitis and required an ultrasound. Further, it was necessary to
strip down to her undies for the examination.
The instructions from the doctor to the radiologist were to check for an
ovarian cyst or appendix problems. The radiologist seemed to believe
that every internal organ from liver to bladder needed close inspection.
His verdict was that Angie has beautiful organs. And since he normally
examined pregnant woman, he was in awe of Angie’s flat and solid stomach

Conclusion i: A new and original pick-up line is born – “You have
beautiful organs.”
Conclusion ii: Radiologists need to get out more.