The Best Way to Complain About Bad Service

Shout at the top of your lungs in the general direction of the
restaurant staff that you’ve been waiting 45 minutes for your beer.

I witnessed an unhappy individual doing just that at the Spur Steak
Ranch in Johannesburg International this morning. Damn was it effective.
I almost went over to worship the guy because I wish I had the guts to
make that much noise in as public a place.

A Taste of Homeless Talk

My favourite writer for homeless talk has to be Luke Jentile. He writes the opinion column “Burning Point.”
I agree with the burning bit. Possibly his writing desk is on fire, so he needs to write the article in quite a hurry.
Though, so far I haven’t been able to figure out the point.

Here’s a little extract from his latest offering:
“Then there is this rotation and revolving of the planet, which makes us count the time, but we can’t be accurate because we found this universe already existing for billions of years.”

Another superlative scribe is Dr Lebeko Lebenya with his “Afrikan Wizdom” column. Did you know that Tim and Buktu established the University of Tim-Buktu in Mali, Western Afrika (sic)?
And were you aware that the Roman Army was also known as The Crusaders?
Or that one can “give out” wisdom?

Thank god for the good Doctor Lebenya.