A quote taken out of context

“The Earth is like a jar of rotting leaves”

C.E. Kupchella & M.C. Hyland in
Environmental Science – Living within the system of nature, 3rd Edition

The new job: two weeks in

And still not dead.
And not hating it yet.
And, actually enjoying the work.

The company is a small environmental consultancy, specialising in mining, particularly small scale mining.
I get the feeling that I am intrinsically linked to mining and will never actually escape this industry. It’s not all bad though, as long as I’m not actually employed by a mining company, I think I can live with myself.

When I say small consultancy, I mean small. Four people working for the company, including me. This means that basically I am a valued employee. It also means that no-one has time to micro-manage me. Both are good things.

This also explains why I’m not posting so much random crap. No time at work, and when I get home I’m too tired. I am not used to this working five eight-hour-days a week nonsense. Ah well.

They don’t seem to have come into contact with open-source software either. This is something I am going to remedy, but perhaps I should first figure out how to do my job properly before putting my Linux Zealot hat on.

Something About Easter

I went for a walk and look what I found at the bus-stop.
In case you can’t read the text, in the picture, it is transcribed below. The question marks are for the text that I can’t make out, but I think you’ll get the idea:

Easter, brings, us, joy, &, happiness
All, people, love, Easter, because, they, enjoy, ???
So, many, children, love, the, Easter, bunny
Tell, the, people, to, cellebrate, this, Easter
Every, time, Easter, comes, everybody, ???
Rise, shine, it’s, EASTER!!!!

Brad Meyer

Thanks Brad. You made my day! Posted by Picasa