There has been much talk of how quiet things here on Waffle Group, and associated blogs, have become lately. There has also been much talk about how, earlier this year, I claimed that I would embarking on some manner of project. The Photography Project was chosen (with the help of Waffle Group voters), and people have questioned my resolve to pursue it.

“You’ve been very quiet on Deviant Art,” they say. “No photos getting posted there,” they say.

I have been putting a few pictures of my new infant up on the internet, but presumably this isn’t interpreted to be pursuing the photography project. Arguably, I’m just taking snapshots. But I don’t feel like arguing right now. Instead I’ll get to the point.

On Saturday Roman and Grant had me over to their house and put me to work taking photographs for Grant’s fashion-school design project thingamajig. Grant’s artistic vision. My camera shutter-release. Thus I’m not responsible for the morbid obsession with all things black and gloomy, dark and doomy.

There are a bunch more photos than those shown in the gallery below (although the spectrum of colours available to the human eye is not better represented in those ones either), but those are the ones I liked best. Grant will be performing mysterious and arcane photoshop machinations to the photos I gave him. I’m keen to see what he does with the “stock” I provided to him. Hopefully, he’ll let me post some of the final product here. Not sure whether the fashion school attempts to appropriate copyright on the magazine Grant will be submitting.

But that’s not all. A photoshoot turns out to actually be work, and we underestimated how long things would take. Expect more photos in a couple of weeks time after I finish the last 4 shoots (Grant promises that the rest of the items will have less of an emphasis on black).

p.s. The Photo Nazis didn’t like my silly buggers photo that I called “Mad Cobbler” in that submission.

p.p.s. Why nothing posted on Deviant Art? More people, who actually know me, read this. I’m not that interested in other people because they are outside my Monkey Sphere.

Update: I’ve changed my mind about the p.p.s. Yes yes. Fickle Waffle Master. dA versions are Claustrophic Fear, Mary, and Mad Cobbler.