Today is not a good day

Today I considered pouring a cup full of hot coffee (straight out of the kettle) on to my forearm.
The test would be to see whether I could hold my arm in place and resist the reflex to pull it away from harm.
The next trick would be to ignore the first-aid recommendation to shove the burn under cold running water. I’m pretty sure I’d end up with an exciting scar to show my grandchildren.

Some deeper instinct stayed my hand.

Crappy Lyrics of the Day

“You gotta lotta class.”
I like the way you shake your ass.” — Unknown artist (and I use the term loosely) since I can’t deal with waiting to the end of the song to find out who actually sings it.

I have always believed that shaking one’s posterior in public is a true indicator of one’s status in society.

Place Your Bets

Next bit to go?

Left Ear … Right Ear
Left Eye … Right Eye
Left Arm … Right Arm
Left Leg … Right Leg

Bet R5.00 on the bit you think most likely to go.
Money goes into a pool.
Winner takes the pool.
In the event of a tie, winners share pool evenly.
The Waffle Master reserves the right to alter, delete and make up completely new rules at random and whenever he feels like it.
The Waffle Master’s decision is final. Correspondence will be entered into, but you will be flamed.
Have a nice day, or all bets are off.
And don’t actually expect to get paid out