4 thoughts on “Camera Saga – Epilogue”

  1. I would be inclined to randomly assign units. Like “Ferrets of Gentleness”.

    Here are some strange people who like ferrets enough to publish a [url=http://www.ferretnews.com]newsletter[/url].


  2. Blegh. I think we need to look into standardising the tag syntax across blogs…

  3. Standard html tags here in blogspot land Mr Bits o’ Cat.

    I can delete your comment – but don’t seem to be allowed to edit it.

    Suppose I could delete and then repost it.
    Here’s the clickable link though
    Ferret news newsletter

  4. Yes yes, I must just teach my itinerant brain the differences between blogs.

    I think leave the comment there as an example to those who would post in haste.


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