One Rip-off

Kelly Osbourne sucks.
Her new single “One Word” is playing on the radio and it is a total rip-off of Visage’s “Fade to Grey,” complete with french mumbo-jumbo in the background.
She’s changed all the words and the chorus though, so I suppose this make it completely original.

I am incensed!

12 thoughts on “One Rip-off”

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  2. It would be fun, if we had the time, to track these people down and set their testicles on fire.

    People with their testicles on fire almost always do amusing things.

  3. Re: the actual blog, yes, Kelly Osbourne is guilty of some nasty rehashing of 80’s pop-art chic.

    However, you’ve got to admit that her voice is quite nice for someone who looks like the back end of a bulldog.

  4. HAHA, the poor girl…

    At least she can string a sentence together with more than 5 words in it (which is a lot when you consider her father!)

  5. This is true.

    I imagine the gene toolkit provided by Ozzy and Sharon is the evolutionary equivalent of the ones rich yuppies have in the back of their garages, containing nothing but the number 11 spanner and something that looks a bit like one half of a pair of tinsnips.

    Given this, it’s a minor miracle young Kelly has the right number of appendages, never mind a good singing voice.

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  7. He has a site “about pony”, not “about a pony”.

    A subtle semantic difference, but perhaps he is using “pony” as a metaphor for the black market trade in ugly fighting dogs?

    At any rate, another one to add to the track-them-down-and-immolate-their-testicles list.

  8. Perhaps we can ask Neil’s DeviantArt friend if he wants to contribute a bag of dicks to go with it.

    And a nice chianti, FF-FF-FF-FF!

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