Fun with wet roads and idiots

Last night Angie and I went to see Meester Fletcher off at the airport.

We lingered on that eastern side of Johannesburg too long, and by the
time we decided to return home via the highway, it was raining. A
cheerful flash-flood kind of rain.

Angie said driving was not to be advised. I said, ‘Look, it’s getting
lighter. Let’s go.’

And the rain came down in torrents.

Still, driving on the highway in heavy rain is manageable as long as
everyone else on the highway understands that driving fast on
semi-flooded road is exceedingly stupid and does not want to behave in
an exceedingly stupid manner.
Then again, 50% of the population has a below average IQ. I really need
to stop being so optimistic about the behaviour of other road users.

My favourite part of the drive, as I trundled along at 50 km/h trying to
make sense of the road before me, was watching the massive 4×4, spinning
gracefully out of control, glide passed me and hit the crash barrier.

Now, if I’d just spun my car in wet conditions, I’d be driving somewhat
more cautiously after that. Not so spinning-bakkie-boy.
I saw him whizz passed me again a short while later, although thankfully
with less angular momentum than before.

2 thoughts on “Fun with wet roads and idiots”

  1. Was caught in something similar visitng Gabrielle a week or two ago.

    Water comes out of the sky in big solid chunks the size of cows and small panelvans out there.

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