27 years and counting

It’s not the 9th of August today, but it was last Wednesday.
It was also National Wonen’s Day here in the Republic on the Southern End of Africa. This meant that I could invite all my friendly friends to celebrate with me on the friendly friendly happy happy day. And I did.
And they all accepted.

Aaaah! I felt a little stressed since I’d offered to feed them all, but Angie took care of it all and everything seemed to work out well. Thanks everyone.
For those of you who’ve left the country (or are just too far from Johannesburg), I’m sorry you couldn’t be here. But then, I didn’t invite you, so it’s probably my fault.

And now, a few of the 100 or so pictures taken on the day:

Something we ate, although it tasted better than it looks. Much better.

Did I mention everyone had to bring a hat? Kyle, the runner up

Hobbs, did you sneakily take this one? But a party without ear pics just isn’t a real party.

Quinn and Gabs (and the family snogging in the background – tsk tsk)

The Hobbs’


The hat competition winner – Rob

Token small child (aka Katja) and Sandor

Louise gesturing

Angie (not the wife) having stolen my hat

Rachelle and Angie (the wife)

Finally, the Birthday Boy, in devious gift opening mode. We believe he is not entirely sober in this picture.

2 thoughts on “27 years and counting”


    Looks like it was a good day with much drinks consumed in the sun – never a good thing 🙂

    Here’s to many more Birthdays and all the best!! Hip hip hoorrraaayyyyy


  2. ’twas verily a good day!

    I have more photos, too… most notably a rather bad one of you in which you cannot use the excuse of nonsobriety.

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