Of Namesakes and McBuddhas

For some reason I decided to once again Google my name. I found a link that actually referred to me on the 3rd page of 66,800 results. So, clearly I’m not the most popular, or at least well known, Neil Robinson out there. And damn there’s a lot of us.

Still, this isn’t really the point. I went on to search only blogs for “Neil Robinson” and a turned up this little gem. A namesake touring Thailand and encountering Ronald McDonald.

Er, sorry. Wrong link. Rather click “McDonald’s – Thailand”

Seen the picture. Good. I suspect, that of my readership, only Quinn will fully appreciate the humour in this.
I’d try to explain it, but I fear that I’d fail miserably. Instead, it will have to suffice to say that now that I have a better understanding of the meaning behind the Ronald’s gesture in the picture, the fact that the figurehead for McDonald’s is gesturing in such a way is patently ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Of Namesakes and McBuddhas”

  1. Wonderful 🙂

    I can’t imagine that prostrating before McBuddha would be all that good for the karmic cleansing process…

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