I’m writing a novel in November… eherm.

That’s right kids. I’ve stumbled upon National Novel Writing Month. I only need to write 50,000 words in 30 days and I’ll be a winner.
And it doesn’t even have to make much sense. They even said that it’s likely to be crap, but the goal is “quantity,” not “quality.”
Sounds like a job for Commitment Man!

2 thoughts on “I’m writing a novel in November… eherm.”

  1. Joo can doo eet!

    It’s only 1667 words per day… practically a doddle!

    You should submit the entire history of thewafflegroup.blogspot.com as the first chapter.

  2. Nah. I plan not to have to do that. Unless I start running out of things to write – then we’ll have the definitive Commitment Man History Omnibus!

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