Bye bye dial-up. Hello GPRS/EDGE

Don’t try calling me at home anymore – it shouldn’t work.
In an effort to restore balance to the force, and combat those who order ADSL from the Beast, I’ve cancelled my Telkom line. It is no more.
Although, the real reason for cancelling it was because my dial-up modem died – again. I was advised that getting my cellphone to play modem in linux was actually a snap. And indeed it is.

So, having got my cellphone to work as a modem, I bought myself a data bundle for a value less than what I’ve been paying for my monthly phone-bill (which almost wholly consisted of calls to my ISP). Hopefully 500 megs per month will be enough. Won’t be downloading any Linux distros though.

The sadly-sadly consequence of this is that I’ve also cancelled my ISP account. One month notice required. Therefore, the original waffle group page (and the twisted tour) will soon disappear into the digital oblivion. Better check it out one last time before it’s no more.

3 thoughts on “Bye bye dial-up. Hello GPRS/EDGE”

  1. Good news; I’m glad someone’s still fighting the good fight. I felt rather bad ordering adsl after all my griping about Telkom, but this does indeed restore some balance πŸ˜‰

    Re: the old WG, we can download the contents of the old website and mirror it somewhere for posterity, if you like?

  2. If you feel so inclined, you are welcome to mirror it on your domain.

    I’m feeling sort of Buddhist about its impermanence, though.

  3. I have to say I was going to offer to do the same thing as Kittychunk. It would seem a shame for something of that importance to disappear forever.

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