Enquiring Minds want to know

The blog isn’t dead, it merely stands dormant.

I hear you argue that Satan’s Poodle is dormant too. I’ll level with you on that — Satan’s Poodle is edging towards extinction. Although it may be revived, don’t count on it until I finish other projects I’ve set for myself. More on that shortly.
Anyway, Waffle Group ain’t the poodle, so those enquiring minds need not fret about Waffle Group’s endangerment.

There are a number of reasons why this blog is unlikely to be updated regularly for a while, but things will trickle in from time to time.

  1. Work: The new year has brought me many work-related projects and I’m likely to be very busy during the day. No time to stuff about on the intertubes. Or rather, less time.
  2. Personal Project A: Commitment Man! After work, there might be some free time available to me, but if I’m going to be writing, I should be writing Commitment Man. Words written on the blog could’ve been added to my manuscript. You may have heard of this before under the title “NanoWriMo.” Of course, November is long since gone and my word count still hasn’t reached 50,000. Still, I never really expected to get things finished in a month. I did expect it to give me a kick-start, and ultimately I do expect to finish.
  3. Personal Project B: Novel Christmas Presents: I have stumbled upon a cunning idea for Xmas gifts. Or rather, was inspired to create certain gifts for people who I care for, know relatively well, and believe will appreciate them. I also concluded that there isn’t necessarily a need to wait until Christmas to give someone important a gift. Gifts can be given at any random time. I believe that a gift of my time will be particularly meaningful. So, I’m using my time to customise gifts for many of you. Once all gifts are completed, I will distribute them. The care-takers of Bug Unit have already received theirs, because they were buggering off to the UK (and now have done so).

So now, enquiring minds know.

6 thoughts on “Enquiring Minds want to know”

  1. Outstanding. It worked. So blogger is only partially stupid.

    Methinks the typical user won’t find this work around and will be entirely unhappy about it all.

    Also, posting comments is also causing trouble.

    Perhaps google shouldn’t have pulled the new blogger out of beta just yet.

  2. I suspect that when it comes to Google, the meanings of “beta” and “non-beta” are actually reversed.

    They invent pristine, excellent, bug-free software. Then they go through a complex quality testing programme that progressively adds more and more bugs until the software is deemed buggy enough to be released from beta status.

  3. Well, they add more and more “features” that “users want,” such as randomly not being able to post.

  4. Yes, Google owns you.

    You could prevent this by using your own server, you know ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. But Google spiders will crawl that, thereby owning it too.

    I wrote it on the interwebs, so it must be true.

  6. I meant “Google owns you” in the sense that when they have problems, you have problems.

    That part at least is avoidable ๐Ÿ˜‰

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