Tammy’s Wedding

I haven’t seen Tammy for ages. Distances separate us, and neither of us seem to try hard enough to bridge those gaps. She did invite me to her wedding though, but it’s telling that I hadn’t met the groom until the big day — 10 March, 2007.

Tammy looked exceptional, as brides generally do. It’s something about the whole energy of the event of a wedding. People are happy and excited and thrilled for the couple, and they just soak up all that positive energy and radiate it back out at everyone.

Tammy and Nic leaving the church

Tammy lives in Polokwane, in the Limpopo Province. I’m not entirely sure I’ve been to Limpopo before, but I really think I should’ve made an effort to get there before. It really is beautiful.

Limpopo had this whole marketing thing going down in Gauteng about “Limpopo — Africa’s Eden.” Sounds like the usual exaggerated marketing in your pants. Well, where we went for the wedding and reception, it seemed a reasonable assessment of the situation.

Africa’s Eden

Of course, the thing about a wedding is that you never really get an opportunity to speak at much length with the bride and groom. Things were no different in this case.

The cool thing was that a bunch of people who I knew from university travelled up from Cape Town for the wedding. Did some catching up with the UCT, predominantly chemical engineering, crowd.

Surprising things were discovered — Lisa is married. Sam is in a serious (I think) relationship he didn’t appear to be in the last time I saw him (which was quite a while back when I was torturing myself with post-graduate studies). Mareike is back in the country!


Everyone — except MareikeAngie and Mareike

If only the first picture had Mareike in it! I really need to try to be a little less adverse to orchestrating the occasional posed, group photograph.

2 thoughts on “Tammy’s Wedding”

  1. Ah man, I wish we could have been there – I will need to get hold of her to send our congrats! The Limpopo looks lovely, there is so much of South Africa that I need to explore at some point!

    how are all the peps from CT doing? Trying to find as many as possible on facebook 🙂

  2. Completely unrelated to actual post but:
    Yay, I found you in blogging void *Ken’s blog did have a little something to do with it*
    How are the environ assesments going? Any kudu’s complain about the drilling yet? I hear they can be very testy, almost pre-madonna like (the cone boob woman, not the mother of Christ)
    Anyway woooh to silliness esp on the internets!
    And say hi to Ange for me 🙂

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