Dysfunctional Appliance

I have a larny chrome kettle. It’s shiny. It’s spiffy. It goes well with the other brushed steel appliances and containers in part of my kitchen.

It broke.

Dada-esque Kettle

Now, I’d like to say it was due to a design flaw, but that would probably be unfair to Mellaware. They do have a mark inside the kettle that indicates maximum water level. This guideline may have been ignored on several occasions by those in the family who embrace entropy, and all it’s associated chaotic effects, wholeheartedly.

Dada-esque Kettle

I suppose I should try to fix it. I’m uncertain though: does it need welding or soldering? And what effect will the heat have on the nice shiny bits. Will they be permanently tarnished? Will the kettle get all bent out of shape (literally).
At any rate, I don’t have the required equipment, nor the desire to own it. Suggestions on a permanent fix to this problem are welcome, but in no way urgent. I’m using the kettle as a kind of performance art piece now.

Dada-esque Kettle, with gloves

Metal kettles full of recently boiled water get hot. One cannot pick them up to fill the teapot without insulation. Perhaps I’ll get Angie to help me take an action shot of the Dadaesque performance art kettle in use.

3 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Appliance”

  1. Just glue it with epoxy, if it’s a relatively smooth surface that you can clean and dull with some fine sand paper.

    I wouldn’t weld or solder it, no. I can’t see clearly from the photos, but if the handle attaches to the pot with screws or rivets, you could also drill the mount holes out and use wider bore rivets. I’ve got a rivet gun if you need to borrow it.

  2. Rivets! Now that’s what I’m talking about! None of this cauldron-toil-and-trouble epoxy nonsense.
    Power tools! Piercing apparatus!

    But won’t I have to drill holes through the handle too? That might be a little tricky.

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