Clothe from China

China Clothe
For a close-up of the carefully chosen text, click the thumbnails below.

boy and happy. leave your unbrella at home. love sunlisschildhood. holish or a meticulons phencn manicure. childhood. yty raphic delights on for size
Too bad I can’t wear this without looking gay. Not that looking gay is a problem, but I don’t want to disappoint any of the nice boys.

2 thoughts on “Clothe from China”

  1. “Clothe”? Um. Is that deliberate misspelling for effect, or just further signs that Facebook is corroding your brain?

    That’s an, er, interesting shirt (muffled laughter). I’m not really sure it’s as gay as you think it is… I’d shoot for something along the lines of “totally nonsensical” myself. You’d fit right in at the organic market.

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