Notice of Limited Coverage

Things might be a little quiet here for a while. Sorry about that, but I have a good excuse for a change.

I’m focusing my after-hours energies into getting articles printed in my quest to build up a writing portfolio. Rambling on the internet doesn’t count as writing, unless it’s rambling on a reputable website, in which case it isn’t rambling because someone will have edited it.
This page is seldom edited at all.

2 thoughts on “Notice of Limited Coverage”

  1. Poo! Your eclectic style will surely be missed. At least try to keep us updated say once a week or so, even if it’s a list of bullet points a la “did this, didn’t do that, working on this”.

  2. But how do we get our fix of the waffle then? I calmed myself yesterday by re-reading old posts, but somehow it just is not the same…

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