Neil and Angie Spawn

I sent the text below to a number of people via email, but I think I’ll put it up here too so random people in Korea will also know.

A tiny new Robinson is brewing somewhere inside Angie.
This wonderful discovery was made yesterday [ed: being Thursday, 11 October]. We are excited excited excited!

Very soon we will have a being to worship us as gods, and after a few years, look down at us as idiots. I think this is why children don’t start off as teenagers, because it would probably increase the rate of infanticide.
They start off cute and defenceless, and by the time they become obnoxious you have too much of an emotional attachment to them to do them any harm.

I have news about our holiday in London/Budapest/Edinburgh, but it is a long story and may still be a while in coming. Plus, I still need to sift through the photos. Not a trivial task. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Neil and Angie Spawn”

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  2. Yay. Finley needs a child to be a good example for, or steal toys from, or something 😉

    I hope you will start hinting from your side that (unnamed spawn) needs a Reynard cousin. I keep mentioning it, but i don’t think they are taking the bait.

    All this said, good luck on this long and bumpy journey, you have my happiness, and just think in only 20 months time he/she will be doing cute stuff like Finley is now doing

    Also, the Whijos have lots of advice on the alternative side of things (if that is what you people dig), so like, always willing to share experience.

  3. I am going to be an auntie!!!! Now: Shall I be the cool kind that brings noisy and expensive toys or should I be the creepy weird one that smells like cheese? Decisions, decisions.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I’ve started another blog dedicated to this topic, but I’m not linking to it until the child is born.

    If you want to read my thoughts on being a pregnant father, you’ll have to find it yourself.

  5. So to Angie, congratulations and to Hafhaggis who has never had the pleasure of meeting the one responsible for the goodlooking Whittington Boys, Well done. Am sure this babe will bring you much joy and happiness. Much Love

  6. no fair!! I have just spent ten minutes googling ‘Nervous’ ‘father’ ‘pregnant’ ‘angie’. Then I found one blog that I was *sure* was you, but the two dogs were not the same species as bean and kelty.

    I will not be thwarted.

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