The new house

We moved house, and the people have wanted photos.

I have not provided photos. I’ve been busy. Also, it rained a lot, and wasn’t going to be standing outside in the precipitation for your benefit.

But now, there are photos! Hooray.

The New House
The New Place — up close and personal

Tell me whether you like the look of it.

6 thoughts on “The new house”

  1. The house is very pleasingly suburban with much sunlight. It gets a vote from me, specifically because of the tiny fluff running happily in the initial panorama….

  2. Excellent. I like the appealing texture. The hairline cracks give it that “homely” feeling. 10/10 for using vignetting to full effect.

  3. jenbug and Michael: Perhaps you are hallucinating. There is no evidence of suburbia, “fluffs,” and kitchens present here.
    Take care not to overindulge in recreational drug use.

    Quinn: A homely crack indeed.

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