100 Word Stories

It seems that I am unlikely to finish my series of 100 word stories any time soon. The original deal I made with myself was to only publish batches of stories that I wrote once the next batch had been written. It was yet another of my long line of self-imposed project plans, but one that met with relative success.

This leaves me in a situation where the last batch I wrote and dispatched will never be published. The original intention behind the delayed publishing was to motivate me to write the next batch. It no longer is motivating me, but it seems a shame to never make the rest of the stories public.

So now they are public. Check out the full collection of 100 word stories written for friends and family on deviant art.

One thought on “100 Word Stories”

  1. Excellent, having a good chortle while reading them over my morning coffee. Perhaps you can publish them as nonsensical interludes between chapters of CMan one day…

    And yes, that photography project thing seems to have died a bit of a death. /me sad, but I understand that you are going to be rather busy with a certain Jethro project fairly soon – hopefully once the small-child-madness eases off somewhat we can look at getting back into the happy snapping.

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