Geriatric Garden Services

This weekend Geriatric Garden Services mowed our lawn, trimmed our edges, weeded our flower-beds, pruned our branches, and repotted our plants.

I highly recommend their services, and all they require in remuneration is room and board.

Funny how GGS have never offered their services prior to the production of a grandchild.

3 thoughts on “Geriatric Garden Services”

  1. WOW! I wish I had GGS rather than our current useless garden service. You are most lucky. Do they accept beer as payment?

  2. Neil: Cunning indeed. One wonders what other formerly unrevealed services will come to the fore…

    Gerlinde: Judging by the expression of exuberance in the last photo, I’d say the answer to that appears to be “yes” 🙂

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