5 thoughts on “When I die”

  1. I want a hymn, but I can’t remember which one at the moment. Kyle wants the acoustic version of Brand New Colony by Postal Service.

    I will ponder and get back to the greater community.

  2. Whatever happened to them?! Check my pic/name link — the leader of the Eels Mark Everett was just in a documentary a few months back about his late father, Hugh’s theory of parallel universes…. his father’s theory is currently considered one of the – if not THE – most important contributions to modern physics….


    I’ve got the first part of the vid queued up on my latest blog entry…
    It’s got lots of Eels music…. easily understood explanations of quantum mechanics, lots of talk about death – the death of loved ones, a musician/poet son learning about his scientist father after he died…

    The full second half is only available on veoh and you have to download their player ( bummer, i know – but I did download it and it worked okay – and let me download the vid to my own computer in avi file ) The final scenes were awesome, set to the song “Things The Grandchildren Should Know” http://www.imeem.com/rockmusic10/music/k8Vj-NP1/eels_things_the_grandchildren_should_know/ as he talked about how much he’d learned about his father….

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