The Creator: Now 70 years old

We had a celebration to mark the occasion of my Dad’s 70th birthday. Close family in the country converged on Aloe Ridge Hotel. The plan was to see the Star Show on offer there, but alas, it rained.

These are some of the pics of the people, but mostly of the creator himself:

Although we gave him lovely birthday presents, the universe gave him shingles for his 70th. 😦

Get well soon Dad!

One thought on “The Creator: Now 70 years old”

  1. Absolutely brilliant, Neil. Thanks so much. The creator is suitably impressed, over the moon, can’t believe how you portrayed him in such a virile and muscular(?)light. Even his hair is evident during his Charles Atlas manoeuvres! CGI??
    I’ll have to print all for the pics for his Brag Book to show to all the old ladies in the Village.
    Did you notice that the boy heir apparent has been anointed and appointed with Dye’s cap?
    Cheers, Ma

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