In Pursuit of a Life Worth Living


Previously I reviewed a film called Revolutionary Road, and I mentioned it doing something life-changing to me.

I watched that film, and rated it more depressing than Schindler’s List (which was certainly no happy adventure film) because it looked like my life. I’d never been directly affected by the holocaust, and could maintain a level of detachment from the atrocious events portrayed in Schindler’s List. By any objective measurement, Revolutionary Road is a far less disturbing film than Schindler’s List—unless you find yourself living on Revolutionary Road.

My life of cautious pragmatism. My life of radical ideas and conservative action (or sometimes, just non-action). My house on Revolutionary Road.

A new radical idea hatched in Angie’s and my shared consciousness.

The idea: hoist our lives out of South Africa and deposit them somewhere in the United Kingdom.

It could have been more radical. We could have decided to go to Afghanistan, but our radical ideas are still tethered to cautious pragmatism. This time, we’re following through on the action. We’ve bought the plane ticket and Angie, Jethro, and I will be in the UK at the beginning of August. The Bean-dog will be following once we find a place to settle. The Kelty-dog is going to the Geriatric-Services Doggie-Retirement-Home (aka my parents).

We’re selling our assets (but hedging our bets by keeping the house). We’ve resigned from our jobs with no employment in the UK yet

(although Angie came close; still looking).

It’s madness! But it feels good. It feels like being alive again.

2 thoughts on “In Pursuit of a Life Worth Living”

  1. Intrinsic madness surfaces at some time or other in each one of us. But we don’t all have the courage to act upon what some may consider complete lunacy. I say,Congrats. You’ll never know whether the grass is greener on the other side until you’ve enjoyed a few picnics there. But we’ll miss you just the same. (Tears …….!!!)

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