Introducing Crazy Hat: Photography and Musings

Crazy HatThere is a new place where I will be throwing out content into the internet. I can hear Quinn groaning in anguish. Possibly my other friends could be grumbling too, but with Quinn I am certain of this because he has moaned before.

The site is not yet alive. I am still attaching the bolts, clamps, and sourcing sufficiently powerful batteries to ramp up the voltage required to jolt the beast into life. I’ll let you know when I switch on the juice.

That’s not to say it’s going to be a monster. I’m no Dr Frankenstein.

The site is called Crazy Hat — Photography & Musings, and will feature photography and musings.

Hey Neil! Isn’t that what you already do at Waffle Group?

Um… well… Well, yes.

So, what’s the point?

Quiet you! I spent a whole lot of time working on the site and logo for my aborted photography business, and I didn’t want to completely waste the effort. I made pretty designs that I refuse to allow to go to waste.

Seriously though, writing at Crazy Hat will be more focused and of an editorial nature. Only content that meets a certain level of quality will be allowed, and everything will be edited before going online. Things will be published to a schedule. There are fewer, better considered categories available. This is not the case here at Waffle Group. Things are out of hand here. Things are confused, chaotic, random, inconsistent, and not particularly professional. Crazy Hat will strive for professionalism.

What will become of Waffle Group?

Do not fear for Waffle Group. It will trundle along as it always has. Long rambling waffle will appear from time to time, giving you an account of my day-to-day ongoings. Snapshots will materialise. Rants about cellular service providers, banks, and other evil corporate entities (stay tuned for one about Standard Bank — they have raised my ire). Editorial writing hasn’t been happening here much any way, so you can hardly claim you’ve missed it.

So, in summary — business as usual at Waffle Group. A whole bunch of extra, wonderful stuff over at ! Score!

Hold tight. Crazy Hat coming — end January 2011

3 thoughts on “Introducing Crazy Hat: Photography and Musings”

  1. Crazy Hat…!

    I will defer my groaning in lieu of enthusiasm for now. If Crazy Hat goes bust, then I shall groan, but I don’t think it is quite fair of me to groan in advance without first seeing what it has to offer.

    So consider that a sharp stick, at your back at all times, prodding you into keeping going!

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