An Analogy: Part 2

Link to Part 1 of this analogy.

11 - October - 2008 -- Crib Goch
There is less rope in this supporting image than I hoped for.

The grappling hook finds firm purchase around a sturdy tree-trunk. I tug at the rope a couple of times to make certain it won’t come loose. Then I start to climb.

At first my footing is secure and I make steady progress up the embankment. About halfway up my footholds start to crumble. A stream of soil dribbles downward. I scurry but the dribble grows into a rushing torrent of matter. The ground disappears beneath my feet but I don’t let go of that rope. My fingers ache. My feet find no purchase. There is strain in my arms, my shoulders, my back. My body rages against my will.

For a time I think of just letting go. The fight is too hard. The potential reward too remote.

“Climb!” she shouts at me, “We need you up here!”

And so I climb.

I’m almost at the top. An arm reaches down over the edge towards me. I grasp the extended hand. Soon I’ll be able to see what it looks like from up there.

3 thoughts on “An Analogy: Part 2”

  1. Perhaps the view is spectacular. Perhaps there is just another, bigger gully to climb out of. Either way, seeing where you’ve come from will no doubt give you valuable perspective on where you’re going.

    Well done for hanging on to that damn rope.

  2. Behind every successful man there is a supportive, determined woman (often chasing him with a stick)!
    Enjoy the view, and keep the rope safely anchored to that sturdy tree-trunk.You may need it one day to climb even higher.
    You’re on the way now.
    Face up to every challenge that presents itself.

    We’re so proud of you.

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