Why haven’t you been recycling?

Is it because you claim not to know where to take recyclable materials to be processed?
Ha ha! If you live in Johannesburg, scratch that excuse off your apathetic list, and revert to the “I am a useless human” excuse.

I present, for your benefaction, the Pikitup list of Garden Refuse Transfer sites (something of a nightmare to discover on your own via that site’s page navigation) — many of which include recycling facilities for all manner of substances. In fact, almost everything you are currently chucking in the bin could probably have been recycled — even electronic waste.

Make an effort. Keep those recyclable plastics, cardboard, paper, glass, and tins separate, and deliver them to your nearest site every now and again. The list on the webpage even has street addresses. I promise, it gives you a cheery warm feeling deep inside when you drop off a batch of stuff that would otherwise have reported to a landfill.