Hammer OS news goes elsewhere

The influx of Hammer OS related information is threatening to overwhelm your magnificent Waffle Master (I know, hard to believe yet true!).

Until the Waffle Group runs Hammer OS, visit hammeros.wordpress.com for the latest in Hammer OS news, views, and installation fests that I’m certain you are all just clamouring after.

Go there now!

The Scourge of Piracy

Piracy of the highly rated Hammer OS is rampant. Look at these crusty sea dogs installing an unlicenced copy of Hammer OS on an iPhone.

People with excessively long beards are liersliars, cheats, and thieves, and those hairy people have obviously stolen that sledgehammer from one of their parents’ tool sheds, thus invalidating their Hammer OS licence.

Be warned, those who wish to steal Hammer OS, the legal penalty for pirating Hammer OS is Hammer OS.

Hammer OS Lock-up

Sometimes Hammer OS installations fail, freezing during the initialisation process, as in this attempt to install Hammer OS on a pigeon.

Fortunately, this quite rare, and generally only happens if you are a troll and get exposed to sunlight while attempting to install this most versatile of operating systems on an arbitrary object.