Christmas with the Fletchcocks

Last year we spent Christmas with the Fletchcocks, with them travelling up to Edinburgh. This year we made the trek south to London.

A lot of the fun this year was that Jethro was fully into Santa Claus. Last year his understanding of the event was a little sketchy. He knew something unusual was happening, but didn’t really comprehend why it might be exciting.

This year, Xmas trickery installation is complete.

The random photos of tofu have gone missing. I don’t think much of value has been lost though.

I also recorded some audio of the excitement. From a quick review of the 17 minute clip, it seems to be mostly the adults rambling on like idiots with the occasional exclamation of excitement from small child Jethro. Editing is required.

Hope your Christmas was a cheerful one too.

The Long-Awaited Photos of Jethro

I’ve got over my previous distress regarding my soggy house. It’s still going to be expensive to fix, but I’m probably in denial about it all so I feel just fine.

Thus calmed, I felt inspired to get some of those photos of my spawn out there for you to see.

Go fetch!

Jethro Montage – October and November 2008

I have considered whether to post these pics up on Paternity Ward, but things appear to be at a standstill that side. At least we have a trickle of syrup flowing over here at Waffle Group, although it is cold, viscous syrup.