[WaffleG] The Waffle Group Blog

Greetings Wafflings

A great cunningness has happened.
Because the Official Waffle Group page is a pain in the butt to add
posts to, I’m not going to anymore.

Bletherings to appear at http://thewafflegroup.blogspot.com from now on.
I’ll still be emailing the roughly monthly issue, so don’t stress those
of you who refuse to venture on to the internet.

Also, the blog itself is a member of the Waffle Group mailing list, so
everything mailed to you will automatically appear there.

I like it when other people make life easier for me.

Also – if you visit the blog you can tell which posts were also mailed
to members by the [WaffleG] tag.

Here endeth the Waffle

2 thoughts on “[WaffleG] The Waffle Group Blog”

  1. Hecky galumphing internets, midshipman… a fresh blog surfaces due east.

    Set course and bookmark immediately!

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