Have you got anything without the spam?

`Egg, bacon, spam and sausage’ hasn’t got as much spam in it as `spam,
egg, sausage and spam.’
But still, you can’t have either without the spam, even if you don’t
like spam.

What I don’t understand is why I’m getting the spam off other peoples’

Apparently I can `Inc reas e [My] Se xual Des ire and Spe rm vol ume by
500 %’ (grammar verbatim).
Wonderful news! Except, this arousing piece of information was addressed
to masebapale@mydomain-name. Not my username (although it is my domain
name, which makes me suspect bad things about my service provider)
In fact, nowhere in the source code of the message does my email address

Can someone who knows something about email protocols explain this to me?

2 thoughts on “Have you got anything without the spam?”

  1. Things like this are possible because the SMTP protocol includes, as part of it’s specification, the ability to perform ‘blind’ copies.

    Hope this info helps with your spam problem. No, maybe not… But did you know that this molecule is called spamol?

  2. Indeed.

    And apart from the horror of the BCC, modern mail protocols (which actually aren’t all that modern at all, having originated in the 80’s when people still thought digital watches were cool) also allow very simple spoofing of the “from” field using SMTP forwarding, so not only will you not appear on the “to” list, but the “from” address can generally be assumed to be anything but that of the dastardly spammer’s.

    And in case you were wondering, other people don’t seem to like spammers much either.


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