7 thoughts on “Python vs The Waffle Master”

  1. I think you are losing, Neil, losing the battle against the mushrooms you ate with lunch.


  2. hmmmm, I’ve always loved that Neil artwork! Sorry that this comment is useless, it’s like my python skills….useless… HAHA

    Good Luck though…. sounds very fustrating!


  3. What the hell is so hard to understand people? Fletcher gets it.

    Waffle Master attempts to program in Python.
    Python explodes out of monitor and devours Waffle Master’s head.

    Simple. No mushrooms. This isn’t badgerbadgerbadger

  4. I think we got that, Neil. It was just the surreality in which the post was couched that threw us off a bit.

    “Snakes oozing through computer screens to consume the Waffle Master? Dear lord, he’s been at the mushrooms again.”

    It’s a reasonable assumption, no?

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