Satan’s Poodle is Go

Good news! The long awaited Satan’s Poodle Blog has its first post.
You are invited to visit there now. I will attempt to regularly update my account of the trials and tribulations of Mumphred the Yellow Plush Toy.

The current colour scheme is not ideal (although the minimalist aspect feels right). You make me a better template and I’ll give you a thank you (and a mention on the page).
If you are keen to design the look and feel of then drop me a line and I can supply you with high resolution images of the satanic poodle so that you may design a suitable logo or whatever. Oh, and also discuss your ideas with me.

I must sleep now.

6 thoughts on “Satan’s Poodle is Go”

  1. Ehhhxcellent!

    Neil, I would stringly suggest watching the animated short on the Madagascar DVD that Gareth was talking about yesterday. I suspect the look and style of Mr Chew will give you many good ideas.

  2. Ooh, Mr Chew, yes! They played that short before Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit.

    Thoroughly excellent movie, I’m just too lazy to post a blog about it 🙂

  3. I too saw it preceding W&G:CotWR (that is a silly abbreviation that is very nearly as long as the thing I am trying to abbreviate and therefore I shall never use it again).

    Most chucklesome indeed, both the short and the movie.

  4. Poore Mumphredde the happie teddie… verily he hath no idea what’s in store for him.

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