400 ZAR for Obsolete Technology

I bought a new crappy external 56k modem because the old one lost the will to live. Or, at the very least, it lost the will to modulate and demodulate.
I imagine I will be bashing it with a hammer and posting pictures of its demise in the near future.

On an unrelated note: Why have the tenders for Satan’s Poodle web design not been pouring in? That site is going to be famous, and then you’ll be sorry you didn’t help me out.

6 thoughts on “400 ZAR for Obsolete Technology”

  1. Unfortunate modem blues.

    Re: the Poodle, ask and ye shall receive. Emailing you my masterwork now.


  2. You been ripped off, man. I’m sure they’re only 50 ZAC now.

    And RE: Poodle-art, I couldn’t find any pics of Mr Chew.

  3. And what is the ZAC/ZAR exchange rate, Chris?

    I had to pay more for a hardware modem since I didn’t want grief with an internal winmodem, but I was still probably overcharged.

    Was too impatient to shop around.

  4. “And RE: Poodle-art, I couldn’t find any pics of Mr Chew.”

    I asked Google, but I don’t think its reply is quite what you’re looking for.

    I had to chuckle at some of the links though. I mean, who comes up with stuff like Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver?

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