6 thoughts on “Happy Sketches”

  1. Scan -> deviantart.

    Especially the Cup Of Desolation one, brilliant 🙂

  2. Seriously?
    They’re drawn on lined paper — and the cup’s desolation was more a manifestation of my mind than an intrinsic quality of the styrofoam cup.

  3. Yes, seriously. I think it’s great :), and I’m sure others would too.

    So what if it’s drawn on lined paper? In a way that gives it an even more ephermal quality, as though it was thrown out into the world on whatever medium was immediately at hand.

    Put it in your scraps if you really want, but I think it deserves a deviation of its own, especially with the back story.

  4. No, but I’m sure we can use one of the ones at Mintek if you want.

    Otherwise just photograph it the way you did with the Ratboy pic; that one came out really well.

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