The Cycle of Life

Long the Waffle Group has existed, but where are the frigging waffles?
This problem is no more.

Last weekend Angie and I were invited over to Gaby’s place (where Quinn was hiding out) to partake in waffle creation and consumption.

Behold the waffle creation and consumption log.
We looked upon the waffles and saw that they were good.

Image Hosted by
The Essence of Waffle

Image Hosted by
Waffle Spawner at the Ready

Image Hosted by
Freshly Spawned, Naked Waffles

Image Hosted by
Clothed Waffle

Image Hosted by
Waffle Entrails

4 thoughts on “The Cycle of Life”

  1. I’m not sure I want to eat waffles anymore, now that I know they have a life cycle.

  2. I didn’t complete the cycle though. How do waffles make waffle batter?

    I suppose its just as well we don’t know.

  3. It seems they need humans to facilitate part of the process… which goes a long way toward explaining why waffles are not the dominant lifeform on the planet, I suppose.

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