2 thoughts on “Spoon: Book 1 of the Salty Cutlery Saga”

  1. LOL!!! Reminds me of what happened last week when I went to the Cederberg last weekend.

    We went climbing at the Sandrift crags, and as it was bitterly cold, decided to take some coffee with. I made the coffee using two flasks. One with milk and sugar, and the other was black.

    As it turned out, my sugar container is the same as my salt container, and I got the two mixed up. Fortunately we had the black coffee 🙂

  2. I did actually put sugar in my coffee, and not salt, but the spoon tasted funny.

    It’s kind of an in-joke because it happened at Quinn’s birthday dinner. I mentioned it to the people sitting near me and suddenly everyone at te table wanted to know what the story was.

    I warned them that it was boring, but they didn’t believe me. So I told them all the story.
    Then they believed.

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