Something About Easter

I went for a walk and look what I found at the bus-stop.
In case you can’t read the text, in the picture, it is transcribed below. The question marks are for the text that I can’t make out, but I think you’ll get the idea:

Easter, brings, us, joy, &, happiness
All, people, love, Easter, because, they, enjoy, ???
So, many, children, love, the, Easter, bunny
Tell, the, people, to, cellebrate, this, Easter
Every, time, Easter, comes, everybody, ???
Rise, shine, it’s, EASTER!!!!

Brad Meyer

Thanks Brad. You made my day! Posted by Picasa

3 thoughts on “Something About Easter”

  1. I think Brad’s made all our days today. Go Brad! You rock man!

    He’s like e e cummings’ evil nemesis ^_^

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