7 thoughts on “Nokia 9300i”

  1. You still haven’t answered my enquiring enquiry of enquiringness above.

  2. News toys — apparently.
    Not even a toy I asked for. Angie just presented it to me. BAD Angie!

    I was annoyed with her initially for wasting the extra money she had to pay in while upgrading her contract (we seriously cannot afford it) — but I think I might be over that now.
    Hey, I’ve got a job now, so hopefully it’ll all sort itself out.

    And yes, it is rather pretty.

  3. Gifts are a very Buddhist thing though, aren’t they? I wouldn’t fret about it. Angie feels better for getting something and giving it away, and you feel better for receiving something unbidden.

    Your net karma equity probably went up a few points.

    Perhaps you should use the phone for a few months, and then give it to a small weevil. It’ll be the envy of all its yuppie weevil friends. Damn weevils.

  4. ahh, the trusty old nokia 6600. It can do this. But i bet the new phone you have did it better 🙂

  5. As can this W900i.

    But you should see the 9300; it’s pretty natty 😉

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