The Ends Don’t Meet

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?
You have to go off and get a longer piece of rope.

What this actually means is that since Angie abandoned the “Caring” Colgate Company we haven’t exactly been paying the bills too successfully. Even the part-time work isn’t helping.
Thus, I have had to resort to selling my body for profit. Angie is a bit upset about this decision of mine, but if she doesn’t want to be a corporate whore, then she just has to accept that I’ll have to be a man-whore to maintain our lifestyle.

Enough with the blatant lies.

I have found permanent employment with a small environmental consultancy. They will pay me a predictable salary every month. Their offices are just down the road, so I’m thinking I should buy a bike and cycle to work (considering how ridiculous the petrol price is these days).
I start on Monday.

“About bloody time Robinson!” (Now you can’t say it)

4 thoughts on “The Ends Don’t Meet”

  1. Nice one dude, Good luck 🙂

    How’s the masters coming along – or is that akin to the converse question that could be fired in my directon – ie. things that shouldn’t be talked about…

  2. Indeed. We’ll have none of that talk of endlessly-extended postgraduate degrees here please. This is a polite blog!

  3. hehe. silly people doing postgrad stuff. They tried to sucker me in, but fortuneately I had some outstanding exmaples to look at and realise that it wouldn’t be a good idea.

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