Bucket Bean

Satan’s Poodle no longer looks like this, but she did for a while and she was not too pleased about it: oh no not at all.

She still made some effort to attack Mumphred, but it was with a lot less enthusiasm than usual. Eating was performed with difficulty, and sniffing the ground and running proved to be a little jarring at times.

Posted by Picasa The reason for the bucket: To stop Bean scratching her stitches out of her ear. The stitches were placed there to stop her from bleeding to death after having a malignant skin tumour removed. The vet says it shouldn’t recur and that there is unlikely to be cancer anywhere else in her body.
So all seems to be well, except my bank account.

You may also notice that I’ve used Picasa to post this. That’s because Picasa is now available for Linux (and on the topic of Google apps ported to Linux, so is Google Earth)

3 thoughts on “Bucket Bean”

  1. shame – poor Bean 😦 Hope that she is better and that there are no future repeats.

    Re: linux apps – we all bow at the alter that is Google

  2. Is that an eviscerated Mumphred head I see in the background? Nasty.

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