Making Migration to Linux Easier

For some reason, most people don’t like fiddling with computers as much as I do. They just expect things to work. It’s a little like only ever eating out at restaurants, and never cooking the food yourself.
Taking this analogy further, I suppose all I really do is buy pre-prepared meals from Woolworths and then warm them up, adding salt and pepper when necessary. I not preparing the food myself, and I’m certainly not farming it.

Enough of that silliness. Changing from one operating system to another, you want to transfer all of your documents and settings with as little fuss as possible. Ubuntu are working on it, and the first release candidate for the script is just about ready.

This should hopefully encourage people to more readily make the switch.

One thought on “Making Migration to Linux Easier”

  1. This is handy. Pity it doesn’t automagically migrate locally-stored email too; that’s the last thing that’s missing, and it’s a royal pain in the ass to do it oneself.

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