Masters is Cancelled

I’ve done a great deal of analysis on what was bothering me about my life.
As I’ve mentioned before I’ve found myself some gainful employment and I’m still incredibly stimulated by the work I’m doing (mentally — get your mind out of the gutter. That’s not what environmentally friendly means).

Something was still bothering me though. It was that MSc that’s been dragging on since 2004 and going in the general direction of nowhere.
I analysed my real motivation for starting it, and realised that I thought I needed an environmental science qualification in order to get out of the gold-mine and work as an environmental consultant. This is what society had told me: if you don’t have a qualification, you can’t get the job.
I figured out that that was a load of bollocks, especially having weedled my way into an Environmental Consultant position.

Thus, I let my supervisor know about my decision, and he seems to be incredibly supportive about it (far less annoyed about my decision than I expected). My supervisor doesn’t even think I should have to pay the university any money back, but that decision isn’t entirely in his hands. We’ll see in the near future whether my levels of debt will escalate sharply or not.

5 thoughts on “Masters is Cancelled”

  1. Good for you.

    Here’s hoping that your levels of debt continue to decrease, and that work remains stimulating.

  2. Mmmm, debtalicious…

    Sounds like a good positive step though (the action on the masters, not you getting into debt). Hopefully now you can focus on doing work you actually enjoy rather than work you feel you have to do in order to stick to some absurd schedule.

  3. Thanks for leaving me all alone at UCT then… 🙂 Now I feel really special for staying here this long. I think I am the only remaining class of 2002 graduate registered for postgrad – Lebo and Yatish (I think) have submitted???

    Harro has already put me onto a piece of work I think we were going to do together. (He gives me the instructions to do the work before telling me you have resigned)

    You not going to be broke – send money!

  4. Yatish gave Jack something (a near complete draft I understand) to read – so not really submitted yet.

    Lebo put in a leave of absence so is no longer (technically) registered.

    Both have jobs in JHB so masters is no longer somthing I think they really care about either. Could be wrong.

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