The Other Waffle Group

When ‘p’ comes before ‘s,’ you don’t get blogspot, you get blogpsot.

And theye shall hurl ye olde Bible towarde yonder noggin.

I should chat to Sam in Hong Kong more. Perhaps this kind of amusement will happen again.

The transcript from our MSN chat:

(03:51:18 PM) Neil: Angie is very very well. Have you checked out my blog lately? it has details regarding my life that you may or may not find interesting.
(03:51:37 PM) Neil: Some of the details include things about Angie
(03:51:53 PM) Neil: She’s working for an NPO now
(03:52:56 PM) Neil: How is your wife? Not sure you’ve even ever told me her name, you secretive sneaky man
(03:53:27 PM) Neil: Do you have a blog by any chance? (one that I’ll be able to understand)
(03:56:14 PM) Samuel: bible study???
(03:56:22 PM) Samuel: huh?
(03:56:45 PM) Neil: Bible study? WTF?
(03:57:22 PM) Neil: Are you referring to the meditation?
(03:57:51 PM) Samuel: what’s that all about? amazing bible study??? your website’s got attacked?
(03:59:10 PM) Neil: Oh. Uh, typo: Should be:
(03:59:24 PM) Neil: But that’s really funny
(04:00:04 PM) Samuel: 😀


5 thoughts on “The Other Waffle Group”

  1. A true classic. I see they’re squatting on and other similar variants, too. Most curious.

    I’m sure the Google lawyers are readying their sermons on why typo squatting is bad for you as we speak…

  2. You must read some of the amusing classic quotes on the site.
    Stuart pointed them out to me.

    Gems such as:
    “Will 1/4th of the world’s population die? Yes.”
    “There is only one chance in 8 x 10 to the 63rd power”

  3. Outstanding. Do you think it’s satire, or just the usual garden variety dumbassery?

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