Happy Birthday Stu!

It seems I’ve upset my dear middle brother by not phoning him on his birthday yesterday.

Sorry Stu!

Curiously, his birthday falls on the same day as International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Ironically, I remembered that it was “talk like a pirate day” because it was his birthday, but forgot it was his birthday because I remembered it was “talk like a pirate day.” Silly me. Not concentrating.

Stu was full of woe. Here is how I know:

(10:38:44 AM) Neil: Sorry about that. I did remember, I just forgot to tell you I’d remembered. How was the day?
(10:41:43 AM) (@) StuDude: it was not marvellous – i kept on checking my phone for messages…
(10:41:52 AM) (@) StuDude: my hand gre tired
(10:41:55 AM) (@) StuDude: and my brain as well
(10:42:06 AM) (@) StuDude: and my mood darkened accordingly
(10:42:25 AM) (@) StuDude: until i went out
(10:42:39 AM) (@) StuDude: and still there were no happy thoughts directed towards me
(10:42:47 AM) (@) StuDude: i felt gutted
(10:42:59 AM) (@) StuDude: thoughts of suicide permeated my mind
(10:43:41 AM) Neil: That good, huh?
(10:43:51 AM) (@) StuDude: razor blades flitted in and out of my hazy tear-filled eyes
(10:44:02 AM) (@) StuDude: oops – vision
(10:44:12 AM) (@) StuDude: not eyes
(10:44:18 AM) (@) StuDude: tear-impeded actually
(10:44:18 AM) (@) StuDude: vision
(10:44:32 AM) (@) StuDude: eyes still whole
(10:44:37 AM) (@) StuDude:
(10:44:37 AM) (@) StuDude: for now

He too would have an amusing blog, if he were to have one. Which he won’t. Can hardly even get an email out of the man.

One more time. Sorry you’re a little upset, but I still love you bro’, so don’t read too much into it.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Stu!”

  1. Oh noes! Poor Stu.

    You’re right, he should get a bolg. It’d be a laugh riot 🙂

  2. We can add it to the l33t-sp34k lexicon. Similar to “teh” for “the.”

    As in, “teh 6olg rox0rs!!!!!!!!!!1111111one”

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