Something always works out

The food in our house ran out yesterday. Well, we still have rice, but I think you get the point.

Normally, we’d go buy some more food, except my credit card is maxed-out, Angie cancelled hers, my cheque account is overdrawn, and so is Angie’s.

Last night, in a state of mild concern (a few months ago it would have been extreme panic) I decided to check the bank balance. Hoping to find some money that we could use to buy food. Angie asked me what the point was, and I said, “Well maybe someone has deposited money into my account.”

“Who? And why?” she asked.

Good point. I don’t get paid until the 25th, so really there would be no reason for any money to have materialised in the account. Still, I had this feeling.
Of course, my balance was still severely negative. We resolved to just continue using the credit card/overdraft to buy food and essentials until the damned bank rejected the card.

This morning, I stopped off at the ATM to draw some money, half expecting the machine to laugh at me. It didn’t laugh, but it did surprise me. The balance was no longer negative. Someone had deposited R7000 in my account.

Most people complain about tax returns, but today, Trevor Manuel is my biggest buddy.

3 thoughts on “Something always works out”

  1. Yays! The Robinsons are solvent again!

    Good news Neil… maybe there’s something to this karma story after all eh 😉

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