27 on the 27th — Selected pics

There were other photos and other people at the party, but I’m tired, don’t have a web gallery, don’t have much bandwidth, and will not be finishing NanoWrimo in time. You’re lucky you’re getting anything at all you ungrateful lot.

Dave — looking magestic. At least, that’s what I told him to do before I took the photo. Apparently he wants a copy of this to put on his online dating profile.
Help yourself.

The definitive 27 on the 27th photo. If you weren’t in this photo, then you aren’t cool enough to be on the blog unless you were magestic, like Dave, or…

… willing to have your ear photographed — like Jaco.

Thanks everyone who could make it. For those of you who couldn’t, you missed out on the tale of the “hutbacked whale” and it’s sea-cabbage hunting expeditions.

One thought on “27 on the 27th — Selected pics”

  1. Good ear photo. Kudos to Jaco for providing his services!

    BTW now that you are nearly done with NanoWriMo (well, done with the November part of it anyway), can I give you Zodiac to read? I think you will enjoy.

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