Stay the patient course — for yourself (In your pants?)

In the course of my work, I make use of the South African Agricultural Geo-Referenced System dynamic map service.

Today the service was down. It told me this:

Stay the patient course
of little worth is your ire,
the map service, is down.
Please try again later.

I hope they randomise it so that you don’t get the same message over and over. Otherwise, staying the patient course may rapidly become troublesome.

Much like the case with Cell C. They’ve recently redone their webpage, and appear to have contracted possums for the job. Whenever I log in and try to access my account info, I get this message:

here i am scratching my head
wondering what happened. . . .
but never fear sometimes life is random. one thousand grovelling pardons for any inconvenience caused.

They issue 1000 pardons because it’s happened about that many times.
Guys, it’s not random if it happens every time!

One thought on “Stay the patient course — for yourself (In your pants?)”

  1. At least they bothered to put together an amusing haiku for you to read. Most sysadmins would probably be content with a 404 error.

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