Bean’s Great Adventure

Yesterday the Bean dog went for her usual run about the common grounds.

She ventured out in to the dam area (as is usual), and was gone for quite some time.
I began to get vaguely concerned when she returned, looking more brown and wet than I’d remembered her.

She was temporarily banished to the balcony until the bath was ready for her, much to her dismay.

6 thoughts on “Bean’s Great Adventure”

  1. shame bean dog. she is only little at the end of the day. i checked out the angie purple, she writes less on her blog than i do. this is all

  2. Good point from Jenbug. I vote we petition The Angie Purple for more bloggage!

  3. Stupid new blogger stupid stupid. It’s not clever enough to link pages starting with “www” to the appropriate website. Now I have to expend extra energy typing another seven characters in front.

  4. You poor boy. How many extra characters did you type complaining about it? 🙂

    Re: Angie Purple. Good luck with that one. Try spamming her email, perhaps

  5. Hmm, spam, yeah, that always works.

    Why, just this week I spent thousands of rands on fake viagra, dodgy stocks, and some nigerian royalty figure I’ve never heard of 🙂

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