Tribute to Kelty Dog

Kelty Dog has passed from this realm of existence. He’s moved on to wherever it is that Goose-Chasing-Stinky-Stonky-Peat-Bog-Dogs go.

Kelty, we shall miss your sock-chewing ways and biscuit-begging dances. We shall miss your silky fluffy-fatness and your grumpy-growl when we moved you from a comfy spot. Rest in Peace.

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Bean Prison Visit

Bean incarcerated in Scotland. But super-fluffy and super-happy

We visited the Bean-dog in quarantine on Saturday. They actually locked us in her dog-run (she also has as heated sleeping area that isn’t exposed to the elements). I assume that people have attempted to jailbreak their pets in the past.

Nevermind—we’ll be better prepared next time when we smuggle in the wire-cutters.

Long-snouted Beetle Dude

Found her wandering around on my kitchen floor

And if anyone has an idea what species of beetle this is, I’d be interested to know (just for curiosity’s sake). This is one place where Google is of no help at all. When will be able to submit a picture as a search query?

UPDATE: There is TinEye, but my search failed because TinEye doesn’t search the content of the image. It tries to find the exact same image on the internet. I can use TinEye to check if someone uses the beetle in a derivative work, and whether I’ve been credited or not — so still nifty.

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The new fluff -- apparently a Yorkie cross who-knows-what
The new fluff -- apparently a Yorkie cross who-knows-what

We have another. Angie’s colleague is getting divorced and Harry needs a home. Yes, Harry. We didn’t name him, so I take no responsibility.

He is a strange beast — somewhat larger than the Yorkshire Terrior ancestry he supposedly holds.

He also likes to bark at things. Nothings.

We’ll sort him out. At least he fears the Vuvuzela (but not the water adversive — actually enjoys swimming and barks incessently to be admitted to the pool) which seems to quiet him when waved in his general direction.

I have a dog who eats socks

My dog’s name is Kelty. He is known to eat socks. Literally eat socks. Not just chew holes in them, but actually devour the fabric.
He also eats other underwear, baby clothes, and anything that smells and tastes dirty or like baby formula.

This is Kelty:

Kelty Welty Dog
Kelty Welty Dog

We have several nicknames for Kelty. One of them is “Fats,” because he just is. Another is “Welty” or “Welts.”

I complain bitterly about the things he destroys, but I complain the most about my lost socks. I have no matching socks left, and wearing mismatched socks makes me a little sad — though I have come to accept my fate. To ease the pain a little Angie bought new socks for me, to replace those that Welts had devastated with his insatiable appetite.

Read the label. I’m not sure these socks are going to last too long, or at least the lycra bits won’t.

Lycra in all welts